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My dear, you have so much more freedom over your online business than you even know! 
And can I just say… your website shouldn’t give you knots in your stomach anxiety because you are not sure how to do ANYTHING on it yourself. No no no…


Your website should be your secret weapon — a virtual assistant of sorts — that is and feels like an integral part of your business. It works with you as a team directing your audience to all the amazing content you have to share while also filling up your calendar while you sleep (or while you continue to totally rock your business as you bust out new goodies to give your peeps). Point is, your website is pulling its weight and you two are best buds instead of strangers.

A decade of working 1-on-1 with coaches and wellness professionals has shown me just how unstoppable they are when they have the confidence and knowledge they need to run their online tools themselves.

I have now taken all of my years of experience gained from my custom projects and transformed my business into a power house of resources, classes, and done-for-you support specifically for coaches who need to do all the things they want to have the freedom to do. My mission is to empower you to get noticed online by giving you the knowledge you are craving to maximize your WordPress website.

With The Tech Savvy Coach resource hub, I am laser focused on making tech easy because it really doesn’t have to be so friggin’ frustrating or expensive to start and maintain a business online.


You have that drive to learn and do more yourself. 

You have that creative spirit within you.


All you need is just a bit of guidance from someone who gets it, someone who knows your needs as a coach and wellpreneur because that has been her world for the last decade as a website designer and developer.

I’m Sam Duncan and I deliver bite sized nuggets of value packed tutoring to my students through guided online courses to get online with a website, get up and going with email marketing using Mailchimp, and so much more within my video blog and online community.

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