Tips for figuring out who your ideal client is

Perhaps you’ve got a rough idea about who your ideal client is.

BUT… you’re afraid of being too specific. The idea of possibly pushing away work is SCARY!

I hear ya! I’ve struggled with this and despite working with wellness professionals and coaches for so many years, I sometimes get that anxiety about saying “no” when approached with unrelated work.

In fact, a huge struggle I see over and over again with my clients as we start to dive into their website build, is that they do not want to exclude anyone who might need their help.

I totally get that!

But here’s the thing, if you don’t shift from being broad to getting super specific on who you serve, your website and brand will not reflect the clientele you want to bring in.

Because we as consumers want to hire/buy from sources that we feel GET us. Purchasing decisions are primarily based on emotion, it appeals to our wants, needs, and desires.

We buy from sources that know what we want, why we need it, and they will SOLVE our problem to bring us our desired result.

So what if you could re-frame your perspective? No longer worrying about missing out on helping someone who is interested because you totally need the money, experience, or what have you….

By shifting your perspective and finding out WHO your ideal client are, you to step straight into EXPERT status in an authentic, clear, and purposeful way.

I encourage you to view this laser focused clarity not as you saying “NO” but as you showing off your expertise. Your specialty that sets you apart from the crowd.

Imagine how it would feel each day to wake up and work with clients who were your perfect match. Until you identify your ideal client (aka your niche), it can be tough to attract the clients you want to work with.

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