You are overwhelmed with the number of resources for growing your mailing list that you’ve found but NONE actually explain how to get it started by setting up your email marketing tool. You are frustrated with losing precious time trying to figure out the techie stuff all by yourself. You are feeling lost because you don’t even know how to create a welcome e-mail yet, you haven’t even started but you are already angry at yourself for feeling so unable.

Stop it right there!

I’ve specifically created the Email Marketing Masterclass so that you can set up the techie part and get started with your first emailed newsletter!

And it’s just $37 – yep, it has the price of Friday night takeout and can be consumed in an hour!

3 reasons why you’ll LOVE Mailchimp:


1) It’s simple as moving your mouse:
Drag-and-drop newsletter builder that makes designing your emails a breeze.

2) It’s designed especially for YOUR business:
Personalize your emails with your own brand colors, fonts, pictures, links etc.

3) It’s FREE to use basic tools: 
Free beginner account to get you on track to building your list fast and in style!


Easily add in your first mailing List

Personalize with your colors + fonts

Add signup form to your website

Create your first Newsletter

Design your newsletter banner

Connect social media profiles

Add signup form to Facebook

Save time with Automations

Share your free opt-in offer


So, why Mailchimp?

MailChimp is one of the most popular and used email marketing tools available. It helps you create that bridge of communication between you and your special people – the people who want to follow you and choose to subscribe to your list.

With everything at your disposal, you can use Mailchimp to stay in touch with your community, bring them the news and great stuff, build your list, create special messaging with just the selected people, promote you and your business, advertise your services, share your content as blog posts, and more.  It integrates beautifully with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, loads of online scheduling tools, so that you can easily create more automated zen in your busy entrepreneur realm and not lose your sanity for it.

Mailchimp is great for businesses at any stage, whether you have a brand new or established business.

It’s the tool I always recommend to my clients, especially for those wanting to launch a program with automated emails — Mailchimp makes this process super easy. I use Mailchimp for my automations, opt-ins, email promotions and newsletter because it’s affordable and gives me the flexibility I need to manage not only my membership platform but also my online courses. How cool is that, everything in one place!

My mission here is to help you utilize ALL that Mailchimp has to offer. “Email Marketing Masterclass” video course is perfect for the entrepreneurs wanting to do more themselves without the stress, lost time, and technical frustration.

So, what does this course have that others don’t?

Time saving How-To’s + Videos + Step-by-step implementation + Bonus Goodies = Email Marketing Bliss

11 Videos

2 Bonus Guides

1 hr

Lifetime Access

Here is the full course outline:
  • Video 1 / Welcome to the course!
    Me, your host, would like to introduce myself and give you a proper welcome.
  • Video 2 / Create your free Mailchimp account
    Easy peasy set up with instructions.
  • Video 3 / Create your first List
    Start your list and take into consideration a few things for it.
  • Video 4 / Design your signup form
    The how’s of the form that creates the opportunity for your people to follow your work and news.
  • Video 5 / Design your automated signup processes
    The “make less effort” action of that first step into communicating with your people.
  • Video 6 / Design your newsletter email template
    You’ve made it this far, we’re on to do great things! We’ll create, design, personalize and refine your first message for the world
  • Video 7 Send your first newsletter
    Take action and start showing up. Step-by-step checking and controlling tips before sending.
  • Video 8 / Add your signup form to Facebook
    Be social and don’t miss any opportunity, let your special people follow your stuff directly on your business page.
  • Video 9 / Add your signup form to your website
    Convert the traffic that reaches your website and give them the chance to stay in touch with you.
  • Video 10 / How to use Groups and Segments
    Have different messages for different people? Use segmenting features to create separate lists for separate communications, promotions, news, offers etc.
  • Video 11 / How to use Automation emails
    Gain more time to do what you want whilst Mailchimp is handling your emails and communications for you.
  • Did I mention about these awesome extras:

    • BONUS Video – How to design a newsletter banner in Canva – straight from a designer
    • TWO BONUS HandoutsPrompts, tips and ideas for opt-in offers and outlines to help you write your newsletters – yep, I’m here to help you get off the ground and FLY!

I want to help you find Mailchimp zen

Hi, Sam here! WordPress Expert. Graphic Designer. Web Consultant. DIY + DFY Websites for Wellness Professionals.

I also totally know Mailchimp inside and out — it’s actually really easy to use but just like everything else, there is a learning curve which can send you into overwhelm if you are trying to go at it alone. I’ll show you how easy Mailchimp is to use and why it is such a fantastic tool for your business in the now and for the future.

pic me

“If you are looking for clear guidance on how to use Mailchimp to set up your newsletters and email campaigns to build your business, I highly recommend this program. I am not very tech savvy, but I usually manage to navigate and find my way around. But, I have to say after trying to navigate through Mailchimp’s many pages of instructions, I was left feeling totally frustrated and still had no clue how to begin. One blog post explaining the process linked to another, and to another, and to another, it was never ending! Sam’s Mailchimp program came to my rescue and was invaluable to me. She has a way of very clearly explaining and walking you through the process. I can honestly say that without her video tutorials I would still be clicking away in Mailchimp and stuck. This program is of great value, very helpful and super easy to follow. Thanks Sam!”

— Joanne Lapierre, R.H.N. 

Email Marketing Masterclass:
Learn how to easily setup + use Mailchimp

INSTANT ACCESS to entire course:
All Mailchimp Made Easy Videos


#1 How to Design a Newsletter Banner in Canva
#2 Newsletter content outlines + prompts printout
 Ideas for free opt-in offers printout

Get ALL this for the price of Friday night takeout


Who is this class made for?

Anyone and everyone who is interested in learning how to utilize what Mailchimp has to offer for list building, automated emails, and audience engagement.

I'm not tech savvy at all, can I realistically do this course?

Totally! I break down each and every step from start to finish and have designed this course for beginners. No techy lingo goes unexplained so you know exactly what is needed to setup and use Mailchimp with less stress.

How do I get access to my class after purchase?

After checkout you will receive an email with your username and password to access the member platform. From there, you can access the member area of my website to start watching videos and creating in Mailchimp.